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What Super Successful Entrepreneurs And Entertainers Are Saying About My Show Yield of Dreams And Why You Should Buy A Ticket Now...

"You're going to laugh your head off and have a damn good time. People you show it to will think a lot better of you after the show. You'll see humor in a negative situation!"
- Dan Sullivan

 Founder and President of The Strategic Coach Inc. A visionary, an innovator, and a gifted conceptual thinker

"Charlie in his incredible gift of acting, and financial wizardry connects the two in a way that will light you on fire."
- Peter Diamandis

Founder and Executive Chairman of the XPrize Foundation, Singularity University, Abundance 360, and Author

"It's hilarious. It's fun. It's engaging. It's unlike anything you've ever seen before You walk in thinking, you know one thing about money, you walk out with a completely different perspective."
- Mike Koenigs

Serial Entrepreneur, 13-Time #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker

"This will change your life! I was blown away not just from Charlie's performance... this is funny, entertaining, and educational."
- Ron Bradley

Founder & CEO of Auxani Advisors

"Who would have thought that a person could make investing, money management, and retirement? Not only entertaining but funny. And I do know funny because I actually won an Olivier for best new comedy a few years ago."
- Alan Shorr

Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer

"Charlie perfectly blended his love of art and theatre with his brilliant financial advice. I was truly inspired by it, inspired by the show, and learned a ton."
- Nick Nanton

Emmy Award Winning Documentary Director

"Charlie helps you think about the mindsets and what you truly want so that you live the life you've always dreamed about and deserve. I got a TON of practical value and you will too."
- Howard Getson

CEO of Capitalogix

"This isn't like any other self-development program. Charlie shows you how to empower yourself to get what you want right now. It could be lifechanging for you. I know it is for me!"
- Dr. Mark Young

Host of Blunt Force Truth Podcast, Founder of Jekyll+Hyde Labs

50% of all proceeds will go to the CreatiVets 

to support our veterans and in honor of my step children, Major Carl and Airman Kim Bemis, and Sargent Marc Chapdelaine, all of the Air Force.

Marine Veteran and Founder Of CreatiVets, Richard Casper, shares his story 


So What Are You Still
Waiting For?

Are you ready to live the life you desire?

From The Desk of Charlie Epstein

Dear Friend,

I want to share the most important secret I’ve ever learned regarding working less, making more, and living the life you’ve always dreamed of…

In a fun, entertaining theatrical production unlike any you’ve ever seen.

And I promise this isn’t anything you’ll find in the pages of any self-help book…

Nor is it a piece of financial, investment, or career advice.

Rather, it’s the result of a 13-year-odyssey that changed my life forever…

One that allowed me to go from a five-figure salary to a seven-figure lifestyle while taking more time off than I ever had before…

And in the process, taught me how to unlock a future of freedom and fulfillment in a fraction of the time it takes most people.

But in case you’re wondering just who the heck I am…

I’ve Got An Introduction To Make (Along With A Confession).

Hi, I’m Charlie Epstein and I’m a financial advisor, bestselling author… professional actor (more on that in a second), and financial advisor. During the past 45 years:

  • I’ve successfully built and sold two businesses;
  • I’ve been known nationally as the 401(k) Coach where I spent 15 years coaching over 10,000 advisors on how to successfully grow their practices;
  • As an author, written four books;
  • And as a financial advisor assisted thousands of individuals and entrepreneurs on how to create “Paychecks for Life” to live the life they “desire”.

But I’m not saying any of this to brag - because the truth behind my success isn’t so pretty. And I’d like to share a little bit of my journey with you…

Because if you currently feel trapped in a career, profession, or lifestyle you don’t want…

Then what I’ve discovered may change the way you look at your life forever.

And I say that because…

The Truth Is That While I’m A Financial Advisor - I Never Wanted To Give Financial Advice.

What I’ve always wanted to be was an actor, an entertainer (How about you- what was that promise you made to yourself as a child?)

I got my first big laugh performing a comedy routine in the middle school talent show - and that was it, I was shocked and realized what my lifelong dream was.

To me, there’s never been anything better than being on stage and making an audience laugh - even if I was making a total fool of myself.

But when I told my dad I wanted to be a Theatre major in college, I got the response of a lifetime- one I’ll never forget:

“Yeah, that and 50 cents will get you a cup of coffee.”

So I compromised and became an Economics major who lived in the theatre.

Little did I know that one compromise would change everything for me.

Because not too long after that…

I Heard The Words That Killed My Dreams For 4 Decades.

And chances are you’ve heard something similar.

Because the truth is it only takes a single sentence to change the course of your life.

That’s what happened when I told my dad I was moving to New York to be a starving actor with all my acting friends.

His response?

“Seriously - what are you going to do when you graduate?”

I remember just staring back at him.


That was the moment the world came crashing down on my dreams.

What Are Others Already Saying
About ’Yield of Dreams

So I Made A Mistake That Would Change My Life.

I chose the path I had no passion for. 

I went into the life insurance field - cold calling day after day while moving further away from what I wanted most.

Why didn’t I pursue my big dream of being an entertainer?

The same reason most of us don’t:

The fear and doubt that haunts us when we try to close our eyes at night.

The voice that says, “You’re not good enough,” You can’t do that. You’ll never be that.

So I spent the next 8 years working behind a desk in one cramped office after another.

And while I enjoyed financial success - I never enjoyed personal fulfillment.

Because even though I’d made the million-dollar roundtable at my job…

I’d never made it on the stage.

And that weighed me down more than anything else could. Every day, I felt like I had “sold out” I was a “total failure.” I had sold out my “childhood dream” for a paycheck. (Sound familiar)

Until One Day I Decided Enough Was Enough.

After years of talking about it…pining for it…and dreaming about it…

I finally said the most important words I’ve ever told myself:

I’m gonna go for it.”

So I got in my car and drove to Boston for an open audition.

I hadn’t been on stage for 8 years.

I remember shaking in my boots with a forehead that wouldn’t stop sweating and a heart that wouldn’t stop pounding.

But eventually I walk out on stage with my audition piece…

And before I even finished someone out in the wings with a stopwatch yelled:

“Thank you, NEXT!”

So I waited for what felt like the longest six hours of my life to see if anybody would hire me.

And one theatre actually gave me a shot!

They paid me $25 a week to be an intern… PLUS room and board! 

To say that was a far cry from what I made in my business was an understatement.

But I was never more exhilarated.

Because I Was Finally Chasing The Dream I’d Deferred For One Day… Some Day!

And even though I had to sneak off during rehearsal breaks to make enough calls to fill my only day with the appointments I needed to keep by business afloat…

It was more than worth it…

Because I ended up discovering something amazing:

At the end of that summer I’d only worked nine months in my business…

But made $50,000 more than the year before when I’d worked twelve.

I’d stumbled upon the secret to what I call “bending time”...

The shortcut that the top 1% of both wealthy and fulfilled people know to living life on their terms…

And the ultimate formula to working less, making more, and living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I’d like to share that secret with you so you too can experience
“Wonderment, joy, laughter and play and discovery for discoveries sake…. every day for the rest of your life.

And that’s why…

I’m Inviting You To Join Me On My Eye-Opening Show, Yield of Dreams.

This show is the result of three years of hard work, planning, and production (featuring a world-class crew such as 22-Time Emmy Winning Director, Nick Nanton.

Alongside Jeff Croiter, my lighting designer, who has won a Tony Award on Broadway and so many other talented individuals in the entertainment industry.

But trust me when I say this is the furthest thing from personal coaching or financial advice.

Because I won’t be asking you to take notes and follow alongside some slideshow presentation.

Nor will I be delivering a long-winded sales pitch at the end.

Instead, you’ll put away the notebook and pull out the box of popcorn as you join me for an hour of entertainment that beats anything you’ll find on Netflix.



And I can say that with the utmost confidence…

Because I’ll be taking you on a journey designed to re-awaken the promise you made to yourself as a child…

Stoke your passions and reignite the fire inside your belly that’s never fully gone out…

And open your heart and mind to what’s possible when there’s nothing holding you back from living the life you’ve always been meant to live.

My dream for you is that you’ll jump out of your seat after the show ends and start becoming that bigger and bolder version of yourself.

One who isn’t afraid of taking a risk…

One who stops saying “someday” and starts saying “today”...

And one who doubts their doubts so you can double down on your dreams.

I know that might sound like a lot - but I promise you won’t be disappointed because:


I’m Bottling Up The Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned Over The Past 4 Decades Into 72 Life-Changing Minutes…

And whether it’s a financial myth that’s keeping your life stuck in place (and trust me, there are a whole lot of these)...

Or a personal fear that’s keeping you cooped up instead of roaming free like you’re meant to be…

In just 72 minutes you’ll get the clarity and confidence that’s escaped you all this time… So that you can:

  • Work less while making more than you ever have before
  • Demolish the doubts that keep you from living your dream lifestyle
  • Bust your myths about what you think you can do and what kind of life you think you can have
  • Stop wondering when you’ll have enough money to make your dreams happen
  • Unlock greater levels of wonderment, joy, freedom, creativity, and fulfillment in your daily life
  • Make more progress towards your dreams in one year than most people do in ten
  • Feel more alive than you have in years and wake up to the most driven, resourceful, and confident version of yourself
  • Stop flushing away two-thirds of your life each year and turn time in your favor instead
  • Discover how to use your money to buy your freedom and the life you've always dreamed of

Plus, I'll bust some of the biggest myths you have about money that have kept you stuck for years. And I'll promise you'll learn exactly what those are.

And As Thanks For Buying a Ticket to the Show, I’m Giving You Free Access To Two Special Bonuses:


A Free copy of my e-book, Paychecks For Life: Your Guide To creating a paycheck to pay for everything you desire to do most in life.

The day you retire doesn’t have to be the day you stop getting paychecks.

In Paychecks for Life, I’ll walk you through nine easy-to-understand steps for setting up your 401(k) Paycheck Manufacturing Company. You'll discover how to:

  • Become the boss of your financial future
  • Use Other People's Money to double your own
  • Finance your Desirement Mortgage
  • Follow the mantra of 10-1-NOW to secure your future
  • Relax in good financial markets and in bad
  • Retire with a paycheck for life

And when you grab your ticket today you’ll get instant and unlimited access to this book completely free of charge.


Access to the Yield of Dreams Documentary

Produced by a good friend of mine... 22-time Emmy-award-winning Director Nick Nanton.

This documentary tells the story of how Yield of Dreams came to be.

And when you grab your ticket today you’ll get instant and unlimited access.

But beyond all the juicy, practical bits a lot of my clients pay top dollar for…

You’ll also hear my story.

But don’t get me wrong.

Because while it might be my story - it’s not about me.

It’s about you.

Because every one of us has something that stops us from walking the path we’re meant to walk.

And when you see what I did to finally start living my dream life (and learn from the mistakes I made along the way)...

You’ll see just how easy it is to change your life in less time than you ever thought possible.

But nothing happens until you take the first step to making your dream a reality.


Get Instant Access to the Yield of Dreams Show

You can watch it anytime, anywhere, and on any device just like Netflix. It's my live show recorded.

Plus, I'll send you...

+ A FREE copy of my e-book, Paychecks For Life.

+ Access to the Yield of Dreams documentary that was made by a Emmy Award Winning Director.

Normally $60
Today For Just $29.97

(50% Of All Proceeds Will Go To CreatiVets To Help Our Veterans)


Wondering About the Talent Behind the Show?

Nick Nanton

Documentary Director

Over 50 documentaries (22 Emmy Winners), including profiles of Larry King, Peter Diamandis, and Dan Sullivan, produced and directed
Rudy Ruettiger's (of Rudy Fame) one-man show on Broadway

Mike Koenigs


5x Serial Entrepreneur,
Forbes and Entrepreneur columnist, Capability Amplifier, Podcaster, Consultant

Jeff Croiter

Lightning, Designer & Theatrical

Jeff has been working on Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional theatre, opera, dance, special events and touring productions for over 25 year. He has received Tony, Hewes, Bass, and Tina awards and has been nominated for Drama Desk. Outer Critics Circle, Lortel, Ovation, Irne and Audelco awards in Love with Mr. Dellamort

Jenny Lyn Bader


An award-winning dramatist whose plays include In Flight, Equally Divine, and the audio works The International Local (Subway Plays App) and Tree Confessions.

David Ruttura


Is currently the Associate Director of Beautiful On Tour. Directing Credits include projects off-Broadway, with Norwegian Cruise Line and theaters across the US. As Associate Director, 10 Broadways shows, multiple National Tours and international projects.

Tony Castrigno

Executive Producer

Creative Design Producer, Director, Event Strategist, currently co-producing Falling in Love with Mr. Dellamort

Mark Rubinsky

Executive Producer

Broadway stage manager (Agnes of God, Tap Dance Kid, Peg, Alone, Phantom of the Opera), currently co-producing Falling in Love with Mr. Dellamort

Will Devlin

On-Site Graphic Operator/Artist

Motion Designer,

Leo Cohen

Stage Manager

Is an NYC based freelance stage manager specializing in plays, industrial shows and live music

Bob Burch

Website Developer

Bright Cloud Studio. Bob works
with clients to plan, design and
build their online presence based on an overall marketing strategy.

Tarna Sadler

Marketing Strategy

Is the marketing alchemist
that helps bring Charlie to
life in digital form and
communicate on his behalf.

Drew Sadowsky


Owner, DS Strategic Consulting.
Drew helps businesses optimize
performance and profitability through digital and financial transformations.

It’s Time To Take That First Step.

Listen - as a financial advisor I know how important it is to avoid giving financial advice until it’s appropriate.

But this piece of advice is so important that I’m giving it right here and now:

I urge you to grab your ticket and secure your seat for this show.

Because when you do you’ll have done something very important:

You’ll prove to yourself that your dream is the farthest thing from being dead.

And you’ll finally be on the path to making it happen.


Grab your ticket

But defer that dream again and you’ll be like the millions in today’s society:

Shuffling around without much to show for it.

And in 6 months you’ll look back and wonder what could have been.

How different things could be if you’d stopped deferring that dream - and started chasing it.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

So grab your ticket today and make sure it doesn’t.

Secure your seat now and stop being a Doubter.

Become a Doer and together let's make your dream come true.

I look forward to seeing you on stage when the curtain opens.



Marine Veteran and Founder Of CreatiVets, Richard Casper, shares his story 



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